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Access to outside attorneys often very limited
Adopting consensual relationships policy
Apply Clear Policies Consistently When Making Tenure Decisions
Assess ‘Gainful Employment’ Programs to Ensure Compliance With New Regs
Beware the danger of doing nothing when embarrassing information is reported
Beware too much fine print for study-abroad experiences
Campus Legal Advisor Annual Survey:
Our Thanks
Campus Legal Advisor Wins Distinguished Award
Campus Legal Advisor
Annual Special Report: Preliminary Results
CLA finds many institutions have no in-house counsel, while in-house legal units often sparsely staffed
CLA survey finds confusion when misbehavior, mental illness intersect
CLA’s recent survey highlights confusion regarding suicidal students
Collaborate to ensure access to athletic activities for students with disabilities
Consider Accommodations Requests in all Programs, Activities
Consider attorneys’ advice to build successful, ethical sports program
Consider how proposed federal regulations would impact your hiring practices
Consider offering tuition as a perk to attract, retain best talent
Consider Your Legal Counsel’s Duties in Light of Recent Penn State Events
Create Anti-Harassment Culture through Education, Communication
Decrease liability, risk via multipronged safety plan
Develop Policies, Follow Procedures to Ensure Effective Disciplinary System
Don’t let documentation block students’ success
Ensure Your Campus Community Knows, Follows Correct Procedures if Sexual Abuse Alleged
Evaluate educational aspects of student conduct processes
Find legal guidance for online programs in The Law of Higher Education
Help your institution avoid common mistakes when dismissing students with disabilities
Improve your campus threat assessment procedures by incorporating Secret Service, FBI research-based strategies
Know what to expect when attorneys come to your campus
Know what to expect when preparing to give witness testimony
Learn How Higher Ed Institutions Address Faculty-Student Relationships
Learn how to minimize risk of retaliation when terminating employees
Learn key lessons regarding Penn State from ‘Freeh Report’ analysis
Learn policies, procedures for misbehavior when mental illness is involved
Learn to address key legal issues faced by college administrators
Look beyond individuals who pose risk for more effective threat assessment
Manage challenges, embrace opportunities of social-media world
Maximize revenue from summer camps by minimizing legal exposure
Positive and negative experiences as higher ed attorney yield valuable lessons learned
Prepare now to comply with new Title IV regulations
Prioritize Safety, Avoid Liability by Planning for Crowd Control at Games
Reframe Hazing as Public Health Issue to Minimize Injuries, Liability
Review how you handle social-media, free speech issues involving student-athletes at your institution
Review Sexual Harassment Policies to Comply with the ED’s Guidance
Review summary results of CLA’s national survey on students with mental illness
Review your institution’s policies in light of OCR’s guidance on Title IX protections for pregnant, parenting students
Understand how federal disability laws apply to sports and extracurricular activities
Understand revamped accessibility regulations to ensure compliance
Understand the Risks, Opportunities of Students’ Social Media Use
Update Missing-Student Policies to Ensure Compliance with Law
Use Today’s Challenges as Tomorrow’s Best Practices
VAWA reauthorization requires greater efforts to address violence against women on campus
When students harass your institution, know what’s in your legal toolkit
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